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    Hangzhou Donghua Auto Parts Co. , Ltd. , founded in May 2001, is a registered capital of 2 million yuan, is engaged in storage, logistics lifting equipment, electric. Diesel forklift. Tray Cart. A moving van. Tow Truck. Production and sales of forward-moving vehicle accessories. Henan Xiangma forklift accessories casting factory after 20 years of development, now with scale. Modernization. One of the specialized forklift truck parts development and production enterprises. Main products: Hangzhou fork, Heli, the whole car department accessories. Imported forklift chassis parts (Komatsu, Tai Li Fu, Toyota, Beijing Hyundai, etc.) knuckle, wheel hub, brake drum, etc. . More than 10 years of development, the company has always insisted on "innovation, quality, service, saving, dedication, thanksgiving" 12-word concept. Absorb new ideas, strict quality control, service tracking, adhere to make high-quality products. Every one of our friends, no matter how we met before, after cooperation we hope to have a lasting relaxed and happy mood. Every one of our colleagues, no matter how they came in, wants to have a sense of integrity and passion when they go out.


    Hot news

    Is there a specified level of forklift maintenance?

    Is there a specified level of forklift maintenance?

    s there a specified level of forklift maintenance? In order to make the daily operation of forklift normal and reliable, we must adhere to the princip...

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    Hangzhou Donghua forklift Fittings Co., Ltd.

    Contacts:Manager Liu(18758101231)



    Add: No.18,Junhuan Road,Jianggan District,Hangzhou