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    {dede:type}Company profile

    Hangzhou Donghua forklift parts Co. Ltd. is a professional production and wholesale Hangzhou Hangcha forklift accessories, Anhui Hefei Heli forklift accessories, Dalian Suzhou brands such as internal combustion forklift accessories wholesale forklift solid tire tire, engine parts, forklift chain wheel, forklift chain steering rear axle assembly, hydraulic mechanical transmission parts, steering knuckle axle hub, providing domestic and imported forklift engine assembly and accessories: Xinchang 490, 485, NB485, A490, 490BPG, 695, Laiyang fell drag 41056105, Laiyang 495, Chaoyang 6102, Dachai 498, Shanghai SH-475Q, NISSAN TD27, C240,6BG1 import H25, such as forklift engine parts, forklift accessories; French SEVCON agent the United States CURTIS controller, motor controller and instrument, the United States GE excited controller, DC/DC converter and other products, the British and American AMP ALBRIGHT contactor Plug in, American Anderson Power Products power connector and German REMA power connector, walking motor, oil pump motor, steering motor, combination switch, contactor, contact, etc..

    Hangzhou Hua East forklift accessories limited company to customers first, quality first, the credibility of the first principle to provide customers with high quality products, integrity management, service-oriented, enterprising business philosophy and constantly open up the market, making the industry Tongren, sales network all over the country, enjoys a high reputation in the industry, welcome all who call forklift, collusion the development, create brilliant!