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    • Forklift accessories of forklift transmission maintenance
    • Editor:Hangzhou Donghua forklift Fittings Co., Ltd.Date:2017-09-18 13:44 Click:

    As the engine can not be reversed, the forward and backward movements of the forklift are also solved by the transmission. The main function of the gearbox is to adapt to the vehicle in various road conditions starting and accelerating climbing and spreading on the road at high speed, the engine gearbox output torque and speed change in them, so as to meet the driving requirements, then the forklift accessories manufacturers to introduce a car gearbox maintenance!

    (1) in order to ensure the life of the mechanical components and sealing elements of the hydraulic control circuit, the normal pressure of the oil circuit is controlled. 1.1/u1.4Mpa

    (2) work fluid is 20# turbine oil (or 6# hydraulic transmission oil), turbine oil, using oil temperature 70 - 95~C, greater than 95cC, the use time can not be too long.

    (3) oil filter replacement and cleaning cycle, new car in 50h, every 200H and 1200h after, special environment should be in every 600h.

    (4) when driving the gear shift, the microswitch should be closed and then shifted. The brake must be closed and then braked to prevent the clutch from damaging or braking.