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    • Electric forklift and electric forklift accessories
    • Editor:Hangzhou Donghua forklift Fittings Co., Ltd.Date:2017-09-27 14:14 Click:

    Electric forklift is a DC power supply (battery) for loading and unloading of vehicle power. In the new materials and new technology, "_self" electric forklift accessories are the most important transistor controller (SCR and MOS) application. It makes use of the performance has been greatly improved electric forklift, electric forklift overall, durability, reliability and applicability are improved significantly, can compete with internal combustion forklift.

    1, the electric forklift matching and routine inspection items are as follows:

    A, fork matching: two matched forks, fork length should be the same thickness. Two fork vertical section and horizontal section of the angle should also be consistent, fork installed on the fork, the two fork on the plane should remain in the same plane, there should be no high and low dislocation phenomenon.

    Daily check: B, fork fork surface shall not have cracks, the weld shall not have sparks. The fork root angle not greater than 93 degrees, the thickness of not less than 90% of the original size; the left and right fork tip height shall not exceed the fork length of horizontal section 3%; fork positioning should be reliable, supporting surface, positioning fork hook surface without obvious defects; and the gap with the fork is with frame should not be too large, and move smoothly.

    2, on the multi-channel valve, in the forklift maintenance (two maintenance or three maintenance), as long as the multi-channel valve work properly, in the forklift maintenance, multi-channel valve is not necessary to disassemble.

    If the forklift valve leaks in the manifold stem, just disassemble the cover or remove the valve stem and replace the sealing ring. If the safety valve is leaking, the ball valve can be used to grind the valve seat. The stem is worn and can be restored by grinding after chrome plating. And forklift multi valve, must maintain a high degree of cleanliness. When installed, adjust the relief valve and make sure the seal is in good condition before use.