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    • Anatomy manual forklift parts details, let you step in place to understand it!
    • Editor:Hangzhou Donghua forklift Fittings Co., Ltd.Date:2020-09-10 14:24 Click:

    Anatomy manual forklift parts details, let you step in place to understand it!

    The details and functions of accessories for manual forklift are as follows:

    1、 Manual forklift wheels (PU, PV and polyurethane wheels) are available and can be customized.

    1. New rims / wheel cores or parts of other materials that need to be coated with rubber can be provided, including outer rubber layer or inner rubber layer;

    2. The old rim / wheel core parts can also be used to replace the rubber layer, and the performance of the replaced rubber layer is the same as that of the new wheel;

    3. Can provide forklift wheel drawings, dimensions or sample processing customization;

    4. Standard parts with rim / core can be purchased.

    2、 Bearings, manual forklift bearings can be divided into two types, one is needle bearing, the other is rolling bearing. Needle roller bearing, this is a roller bearing with cylindrical roller, relative to its diameter, the roller is both thin and long. This kind of roller is called a needle roller. The needle roller bearing has a small cross-section, and the bearing still has high load bearing capacity. The needle roller bearing is equipped with thin and long rollers. Generally speaking, the rolling bearing is composed of four parts: outer ring, inner ring, rolling element, cage, sealing and lubricating oil.

    3、 Chain, the chain of manual forklift is mostly plate chain, with pitch, composed of inner link and outer link. It is also composed of five small parts: inner chain plate, outer chain plate, pin shaft, sleeve and roller. After cleaning, wiping or cleaning the chain with solvent, be sure to add lubricating oil, and make sure the chain is dry before adding lubricating oil. First, the lubricating oil is penetrated into the chain bearing, and then it is thickened or dried. In this way, the easily worn parts of the chain (two joints on both sides) can be lubricated.

    4、 The main function of manual forklift oil seal is to keep stable sealing effect under the influence of mechanical vibration and pressure change of sealing fluid, prevent the invasion of external dust, and maintain the stable contact state between lip and shaft surface.

    5、 The accessories of manual forklift include axle pin, h-piece, U-shaped frame, axle pin, clip spring, split pin, push rod, rod pin, I-frame, tool pin, handle assembly, hydraulic pump head assembly, fork frame assembly, etc.